Bang Chan (Stray Kids) talks about his relationship with ITZY members

Bang Chan recently opened up about his relationship with the members of ITZY.

Recently, Stray Kids took part in KCON LA, and it was precisely from his hotel room in Los Angeles that the leader of the group appeared in front of his fans for a new number of ‘Chan’s Room’.

During this retransmission, he then notably mentioned ATEEZ, which was also present at KCON, but also Kep1er, before talking about the members of ITZY.

About the ITZY, the young man started: “Yes, they are our juniors. They are our little sisters.”

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With a laugh, he continued: “And they are much younger than me. But sometimes, I have the impression that they are much older than me. Because they like to annoy me a lot.”

“But they do it for fun, so it’s fine. We laugh, that’s all,” added Bang Chan while laughing.

The LStray Kids leader continued, “It’s actually really funny, because I’ve known them for so long. Because some of them have been around longer than some of our members. So I have known them for a very long time.”

“I’m just glad they feel really comfortable with me. They tell me what they are going through, if they have any problems. So I listen to their problems a lot,” said the young man.

He then resumed with humor and without being able to refrain from laughing: “But I think that I am often harassed because I am so close to them. It’s really friendly, but since we’re so close, they just like to annoy and tease me a lot.”

“It’s like a relationship between a brother and his sisters with them,” finally confided Bang Chan.

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