Former VIXX member denies being the ex-idol arrested for drug use

Former VIXX member Hongbin denied rumors about him.

Recently, police arrested a man who is accused of using methamphetamine at his home in Seoul’s Gwangjin district.

According to information gathered, the man in question is a former idol who started with a group in 2012. But he have left the music business since his band broke up, and now become a streamer.

Rumors started circulating about former idols who could be the suspect in question, and some mentioned Hongbin in particular.

After that, VIXX’s Hongbin denied the rumors linking him to the case, also stating that he spends more than 10 hours per match, and that he does not have that time to do “drug use”.

Former VIXX member Hongbin denied rumors by sharing a video on his Twitch channel, denying he was the former idol in the reports. He expressed, “I’m popular today. Reporters are trash. I can speak with confidence. I’m a victim. I stream 11 hours a day on average. When would I have the time to do drugs?”

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