PNATION under investigation for PSY concert worker’s death

The Ministry of Labor launched an investigation against PNATION for possible security irregularities following the death of a worker at PSY concert “Drenched Show” concert .

PNATION was investigated by the Gangwon County Branch of the Ministry of Labor, who seized the agency buildings and Concert Promoter on August 25 from 9:30 a.m. (KST) in Gangnam, Seoul

On July 31, a Mongolian worker in his twenties fell while dismantling the facilities of the “Drenched Show” PSY theater. He was taken to a nearby hospital unconscious, but eventually died.

Later, it was revealed that the young worker was working without proper safety equipment despite rain and bad weather. Therefore, the court ordered the ministry to investigate charges related to a possible violation of the Industrial Health and Safety Act.

PNATION under investigation for PSY concert worker's death

The rule indicates that any outdoor work must stop when the weather conditions are not optimal due to rain, snow or other unstable conditions.

On the other hand, a ministry official said that PNATION can also be charged with violating the Serious Accident Punishment Law. The precept allows the employer or the person in charge to be sanctioned if they have failed to comply with the obligation to establish a safety management system .

For now, PNATION has not released an official statement about the investigation. While PSY is the majority shareholder with a total of 60% of the shares.

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